Samsung Ads | The Future of Advertising: Data Driven TV Advertising

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The TV devices that we used to know have vastly changed from being an entertainment hub to becoming the hub of the home.
The CTV has opened up new opportunities for users and advertisers. Streaming is now more accessible through pre-installed apps alongside broadcasted apps, making it easier for users to navigate and consume thousands of contents digitally. This scenario opens up addressable, affordable and also programmatically accessible advertising opportunities for advertisers, who are seeking to reach their audiences on the biggest screen in the room.
In this workshop, the Head of Sales Italy and Spain for Samsung Ads, will illustrate how habits in TV consumption has changed over time and how marketers can now access to real and outcome-based performance TV advertising to connect with their desired audience. During the workshop there will be shown some success stories of brands that are already leveraging on Samsung Ads’ robust audience data and targeting capabilities to reach additional audience, difficult to capture on linear TV. This represents a huge step forward for TV advertisers.


Beatriz Perez

Beatriz Perez

Head of Sales Italy and Spain, Samsung Ads

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